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Benjamin Goggin is the deputy technology editor at NBC News, where he oversees technology coverage for and writes his own articles. Previously, he was the founding editor of the digital culture team at Insider Inc. Before that he was the weekend editor for Business Insider and Insider.

At Business Insider, Ben has frequently covered media layoffs. He broke the stories of both rounds of GateHouse Media layoffs in 2019, and drove the conversation around Mic's layoffs with his article exploring potential union busting. In a 2019 investigation, Ben identified stealth layoffs occurring at Bustle Digital Group through interviews with over 20 current and former employees of the company.

Ben's Business Insider investigation into Facebook's algorithm that predicts suicidality is cited in forthcoming articles in the Yale Journal of Health Policy, Law, and Ethics, the Yale Journal of Law & Technology, and the Journal of Dispute Resolution.

Before he was at Insider, Ben wrote an investigative feature for Vice about the racial imbalance in the legal marijuana industry and uncovered corporate buyouts of Oakland's coveted equity licenses. 

Ben was also culture editor at Inverse and news editor at Digg. At Inverse, Ben edited culture stories and wrote features including his interview with an undocumented Guatemalan teen and his piece on victims of TanaCon. At Digg, Ben was responsible for news coverage. Ben led Digg's 2016 election coverage, which was cited in The New York Times, among other outlets. 

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