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Benjamin Goggin is a journalist who writes and edits at the intersection of technology, culture, and power. He is the deputy technology editor at NBC News and was the founding editor of Insider's digital culture team. He was previously Insider's weekend editor. Before that, he was an editor at Inverse and Digg

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Airbnb’s silent killer: 19 carbon monoxide deaths in the last 10 years, but the company still doesn’t require detectors

November, 2023

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Justin Roiland used his ‘Rick and Morty’ fame to pursue young fans, text messages show

September, 2023

The Coast Guard discharged him for abuse. Online, she was called the abuser.

August, 2023

Found through Google, bought with Visa: Inside the deepfake porn economy

March, 2023

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Unpublished list reveals 3,400 San Francisco buildings may be at severe earthquake risk

May, 2023

3 people say they were tricked into appearing in anti-trans film 'What Is a Woman?'

July, 2023

Behind the BBL hype: Why one influencer regrets her ‘Brazilian butt lift’

December, 2022

A woman featured on YouTube star David Dobrik's channel says she was raped by a Vlog Squad member in 2018 the night they filmed a video about group sex

March, 2021

Jeffree Star accusers say the makeup mogul has a history of sexual assault, physical violence, and hush-money offers

October, 2020

How the YouTube giant behind the 'Kids React' videos fractured under 'toxic workplace' allegations 

January, 2021

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Myspace-famous musician Dahvie Vanity was accused of child sex abuse for years. Now the FBI is involved.

July, 2020

YouTuber Anna Campbell sells a lifestyle of sex, drugs, and drama. Her exes say she's a danger to teens.

August, 2021

On an OnlyFans reality show, 10 women wanted to find fame, but some say they left with trauma, injuries, and matching tattoos

January, 2021


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